Lessons in life

Have you ever heard the phrase “the day you stop learning, is the day you die”?

Do you need me to explain this? Obvioulsy we don’t literally breath our last breath and pass away, but i think it interprets to a mental death.

Our brains are designed to learn and adapt, that’s what we all do naturally.

Everyday, lessons are presented to us to learn from, but many of us do not see these lessons and do not learn, adapt or move on.

Last bank Holiday Monday i learnt a valuable lesson.

After having completed my walk of the full length of the Malvern Hills and back, i had recorded a time lapse video on my GoPro. It took many hours for all 12,000ish images to download. I then started to edit the video and while it was doing that, i deleted the images on my GoPro camera. BIG mistake. The video didn’t load correctly and i now don’t have the original images.

Apart from being very annoyed with myself, i learnt a valuable lesson. Don’t delete the images on your camera until you have finished editing the original images.

Sounds simple, eh?

Most daily lessons are simple, just be mindful of them when they are presented to us.

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