La Meccanica Delle Emozioni

Translation: “the mechanics of emotion”… much better in Italian, isn’t it!?

So… how have I managed to wangle a guest slot on The Reluctant Guru? Well, I love all things Italian: the country; the people; the way of life; the cars: Alfa Romeo in particular. On Wednesday (24.06.2015) Alfa launched the 2015 Giulia, which is probably the most important car in the Marques modern history. But more about that in a minute.

The theme for the car’s launch is: “La Meccanica Delle Emozioni”. I suggested to Donato that this would be a good topic for The Reluctant Guru. After a brief conversation in which I tried to cajole him into writing the article, the response came back… “You do it!?” So I have!

I won’t drive anything other than an Alfa Romeo; well except for a Ferrari! I love them. They’re typically Italian and can drive you to distraction. They are joyous to drive; they never fail to put a smile on your face; they make you feel alive; they’re special … and you can’t call yourself a true petrol head until you’ve owned one!

If I had a pound for every time someone said to me: “I’d love to own an Alfa, but they’re too unreliable, so I bought an Audi/BMW/Jaguar/Mercedes instead…” I’d be a wealthy man. In the fifteen years I’ve owned and driven Alfas, I’ve never had one leave me stranded at the side of the road; I’ve had lots of adventures – both good and infuriating – with them though! This perception has impacted on Alfa’s reputation – and therefore sales – leading to many rumours about its future in recent years.

As a result, Alfa has taken its time over the launch of the new Giulia. Its success is of vital importance to Alfa Romeo’s future. And do you know what? I think they couldn’t have got it more right. Even the TV Commercial sums up the joys of Alfa Romeo ownership in ways words never will. Watch and enjoy!!!



This is a Guest post on The Reluctant Guru by Dominic Sears.


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