Just do it!

Just do it!

For those sporting amongst you and/or very brand aware will recognise this strap line as one for Nike.

Before i decided to start running this year, i had many fears holding me back from starting.

Most were mainly around if my body could cope.

To overcome that fear i decided to run for a reason. To raise money and awareness for Hibbs Lupus Trust in The Great Birmingham Run.

That gave me a goal and all i had to do was have a training plan. Thankfully, that was available also  on Great Run training website.

But i still had great fear. My first run of just 15 minutes was extremely painful, so i thought how could i run for over 10 times that duration?

I just decided to do it!

Sometimes in life, that is all we have to do, just do it.

We are never fully prepared. We can plan and re-plan. Keep analysing. Keep procrastinating. Keep waiting for the right time. That time may never come.

So we just have to do it!

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