Inspirational or crazy?

Inspirational or crazy are two words that can be interpreted in so many ways, but i’m sure you would agree that one of the words is positive and the other is negative?

At the weekend i read a post from one of my friends on Facebook that there was a guy celebrating is 50th Parkrun by doing 50 laps of the park run circuit local to him.

If you don’t know what a Parkrun is, check their website. In a nutshell it’s a 5k run where anyone can attend and there are venues all over the world at run at 9am every Saturday morning.

I was immediately thinking what an astonishing thing to do as i was thinking 50 laps at 5k per lap makes 250km run, yes? No, the circuit is two runs around the park to make a 5km run. So the 50 laps makes 125km run.

I thought amazing!

What an inspiration.

Sadly, the majority of the comments on the Facebook post was along the lines he is crazy.

How sad that some people choose to justify their self limitations by calling an inspirational man, crazy.

Maybe in some peoples eyes, i too am crazy, but their wrong opinions do not matter to me.

Or maybe we need to be a little ‘crazy’ at times to not let our self limitations hold us back?

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