I’m going to do a 10km run!

For those of you that have been following my Twitter feed or Friends on Facebook, i’m considering running the Birmingham Great Run in October.

A couple of weeks ago i started running a few times a week to see if i could do it, as i have not done any running apart from a short sprint for a train, for over 30 years.

I’m so far up to 20 minutes running and finding it tough, but to keep me motivated i post my progress on Facebook.

Whilst on the website for the great run, i spotted a 10km race that finishes at the London Olympic stadium this Sunday. I thought no chance of finishing, as i have not trained enough, but was told just use it as a training run, so i have entered!

Apparently i’m supposed to train for 10 weeks. By Sunday i would of only done 3 weeks of training.

I’m going to do it, even if i have to walk to the finish. Wish me luck!


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