I’m afraid

I’m afraid. I started my training now and have committed to doing the Great Birmingham Run.

Why am I afraid?

I don’t know if my body can cope. When I was at school, I would shy away from sports as I never felt I was any good. In fact, one year we had the option of sports or gardening and I chose gardening.

Some people say I’m crazy. Why do you want to even think of running a half marathon?

You’re in your 50’s why would you even consider starting to run.

I have worked with many people over the years, many of whom have had many injuries and one runner who had open heart surgery.

Naturally, I don’t want any of that, which is why I am afraid.

But do you know what? I want to use all that as motivation. Who cares if I am in my 50’s and I should be thinking about putting my feet up and retiring?

I don’t want to.

Whilst I am alive and breathing, I want to enjoy every moment and maybe even help motivate some people to do the same, irrespective of age.

Call me crazy if you want, but I am enjoying every day and every moment that I am alive and if I can help many good causes, raise money and motivate others at same time, then that is a bonus!

I read a quote that said something along the lines of “living a life in fear is only living half of your life”.

I want to live my life to the full.

Let’s do this together.

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