I am so grateful

I am so grateful for many things in my life.

This year I have been blessed with some amazing trips with my children. Iceland, Morocco, London, Malvern Hills and Birmingham to name a few.

I have also completed my first ever 10k run and at London Olympic Park of all places.

Whilst I may of achieved many things in my life this year, I am so grateful for mainly one thing. Being alive.

I may not wake up everyday with a spring in my step. I am alive.

I may not be full of zest and energy everyday. I am alive.

I may have many aches and pains each day as I grow older. I am alive.

Whatever I go through each day. I am alive.

By feeling what I feel each day, I know I am alive.

Whilst I am alive, I am full of hope.

Hope that one day we can all be nice to one another.

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