Has the British Political revolution finally started?

On Saturday 12th September, 2015 a very unlikely thing happened in the Labour leadership election. A 66 year old, straight talking back bench candidate annihilated the other leadership candidates and won! He won with almost 60% of the vote and the person who came second only had 19% of the vote. Pretty convincing, eh? When he was added to the leadership election he was 200-1 odds to win. His name is Jeremy Corbyn.

As you know from my blogs, i remain apolitical and what i loved about the labour leadership election was seeing how Corbyn’s interest grow and how many people who are normally not interested in politics join in with great vigour.

I blogged a while back saying there needed to be an overhaul in British politics.

Maybe this new Labour leader will bring it about?

What will be interesting to see is how a left wing labour candidate for the London Mayor will get on for the London mayor elections. A barometer of true left versus Tory?

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