Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday!

Yes, today is Sunday, provided you are reading this on the day i published this post or coincidently read on a Sunday in the future.

Sundays are a happy day, yes? It is, for most people a day off work as part of weekend and a day you get to do what you want to do, yes? So we should be happy? If not, why not?

As i posted on this blog a few days ago, i have a simple philosophy on life, i just want to make people happy.

I myself am mostly happy, so i believe i can make other people happy, if they want to be.

I believe if we have an ability to be happy, in that we are intuitively happy most of the time, all good things come to us because we are happy.

Whilst having someone to love and true friendships can make you happy, us being happy, allows us to love and have true friends.

Make sense? Feel to discuss in comments below.


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