Guest blog – Star Monroe

Your feelings & emotions are always going to be there.
Learning how to wrangle them; well that’s the challenge for us all.
Taking the easy route out – letting your emotions overtake your wisdom is very seductive.
Learning to follow wisdom rather than your emotions, now that’s the path that will lead you to greater learnings and personal growth.
And it all has to do with one word.
Most people baulk when I mention this word, but please don’t fear.  One of the meanings of discipline is to TEACH.
When you embody discipline you are literally teaching yourself a new way of being.
Now doesn’t that sound better.
I know it’s challenging.
But life will keep giving you certain challenges until you learn and grow from them.
It is tempting, so tempting to snap back an retort when someone is rude to you.
It is so easy to sit on the sofa when you have a date with the gym.
It is seductively compelling to follow the attention of someone you work with when your partner at home is not giving you what you really need.
Pausing, taking a breath and giving yourself space to interrupt the impulses of your baseline emotions is challenging but you can do it.
Discipline = doing the right thing when you feel like doing the wrong thing.
The pain of discipline is teeny tiny compared to the pain of regret you will have later on.
In a world that promotes instant gratification you need to concern yourself with feeling good later on rather than right now.
Take a leaf out of the tribes of the Native Americans.  When making decisions they had to consider how it would affect the next 7 generations!
So maybe considering the next 7 generations is taking it a little too far for you & I but we have to start taking into consideration how our decisions are going to affect us today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and the year after and 5/10 years after that.
It is easy living a life following every impulse of our emotions (trust me I’ve done that!)  But that life will not foster growth, wisdom and depth.
The seeds you sow today will build your future.
What seeds are you sowing?
This post is by Star Monroe – Serial entrepreneur, trainee Body Psychotherapist, Eating Psychology Coach, Soul Medicine Creatrix & teacher of the Divine Feminine.  Dedicated to the 40+ woman who knows (in her heart & soul) it’s time to start deeply looking after her body.
You can find Star on her Facebook page here.

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