Good journalism

Good journalism. A phrase we don’t seem to hear enough of these days. In fact it is often the opposite.

Its another early morning – well at least when this is published, when you read this is up to you – and first thing in the morning is not the best time of day to be reading a regular tabloid. Front pages full of bad news, packed pages full of the FIFA corruption scandals. I’m guessing about todays headlines, as thats how it has been for past week or so in UK. You get the picture? Is that how you want to start your day?

If we were to be honest with ourselves, is any time of day a good time to be reading the tabloids or most of the newspapers that are sold each day?

So much of todays journalism, seems to be lazy journalism. These ‘journalists’ that publish many of the cheap sensational stories, are they real journalists in the true sense of the word? Below is a recording from Fox News in US that made an apology after making some blatant factual errors.

Did they only apologise because there was public outrage in UK? How many US citizens believed that story and still do as they may not of seen the apology?

The days of where a journalist would spend a good while researching a story and present a well written story that we would enjoy reading, knowing it is from a reliable source, seem to be a distant memory.

A few years back i attended an event where we could meet the media and see how we could get stories out there. There was also a panel Q&A, with the panel consisting of media editors and journalists from print, TV, radio etc.

I got to ask one question, which was “why do newspapers nearly always prefer a bad news story on front page rather than good news?”

The answers was quite simple for them to answer, which was “it sells papers and boosts viewing figures”.

If that is the case, why has so many newspapers circulation gone down, or simply closed down?

Those very same editors would argue, its because of the internet. Well, if that is the case, all major papers are online, why aren’t people paying for the newspapers online? Is the content simply not good enough?

Where are all the good journalists?



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