Fountain of youth

Fountain of youth conjures up many thoughts and ideas.

For some people, it is like the holy grail, they want to be eternally young. Or at least look eternally young!

It was even part of one of the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise.

Its a multi-billion dollar business of organisations selling botox, cosmetic surgery, make-up, hair transplants, diet plans, food, drinks etc etc.

Last week i was very fortunate to attend a tea drinking event at Peynton and Byrne in Greenwich, London, where a very knowledgeable person by the name of Dan Rook gave a talk about various teas from his company CHASH Tea.

One of those teas was called Fountain of Youth and as soon as i asked to taste that, he said there was no guarantee. Which is very true. There is more to staying young looking than by just drinking a certain tea, or eating a type of chocolate, both of which should be very enjoyable.

But isn’t that the key? Do something that you enjoy, will help you stay young looking?

It was my birthday on Sunday and many people say i don’t look my age and what is my secret. From my blog post on my birthday, i showed three other poeple who are born with a few weeks of myself, which are Barack Obama, Ricky Gervais and George Clooney. Do they look older than me? None of us really look our age. Some of us look older, some of us look younger.

So what is my secret to eternal youth, what is my fountain of youth?

Over the coming weeks, months, years, i will share with you some of my life’s gems, which i believe have helped me enjoy my life and i hope will help you too.

I have created a new blog category called, Fountain of Youth, so helping you find all these gems.

Who knows, maybe i could package it all to help me make my first billion! After all, if it has worked for me, it could work for many other people also?

Live long and prosper, dear friends.


live long and prosper

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