Fill your mind with good stuff

Everyday we are bombarded with information. Some good and some not so good.

I believe we should all have a choice with what we fill our minds with.

We fill our minds with what we read, watch and listen to.

Many people on a daily basis read the daily tabloids, watch daily news channels or listen to negative friends.

For me, i prefer to read independent blogs, watch TV shows that entertain or educate me in a positive way and associate with positive people.

It’s easy to do.

Do you know how? Be mindful. Pause. Think, is this good for me?

This week i discovered 2 cracking blogs. Both are insightful, educational and beautifully written.

Maybe one day, my blog or future book will be as good.

Check these guys out. Ben Thompson – Stratechery and Brent Simmons – Inessential

What blogs or websites do you read to fill your mind with good stuff?

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