Feeling overwhelmed

Sometimes life can get on top of us and we get feelings of being overwhelmed.

I had that feeling Sunday night whilst updating my training log for the Brighton Marathon.

Whilst it may not be till April 2016, it is important to start the gradual training and increase it over the coming months.

It was whilst i looked at what was planned for December and then January.

December is relatively similar to the half marathon training with 3 days per week running and not too long times, although i do have a 25 minute run on Christmas day!

Then it hit me! January ramps up to 5 days per week running with lots of 30 and 45 minutes mid-week runs with the long runs on Saturday and Sunday.

I thought how could i cope? Will it be too cold and dark in the week? Will i be able to complete these runs before getting into work?

So many questions!

My solution. Take each day as it comes and see how i progress. If need be, i can change my daily schedule to run in evenings instead of mornings. Lets see how i get on and not get anxious.

Onwards and upwards!

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