Fear of a Marathon Run

Having just completed my first ever half marathon, i’m already getting comments from friends of what my next challenge should be.

Some are saying to do a marathon run.

The thought of that already fills me with fear, as it’s twice the distance (obvious really) of a half marathon. I really struggled with last 4 miles of the half marathon, so how could I cope with an additional 13.1 miles of struggle.

But as I posted yesterday, out mind can play games with us, limiting our self beliefs. I look back at when I stared running in June, I had similar fears. So how did I stop the fear? It never really went away. I just built up my confidence by training and training and training. It was all about the preparation.

If the opportunity came up for me to take part in next years London Marathon, who knows, I may just take them up on that offer!

After all, it would be rude not to?

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