Facebook is broken

Facebook is broken. Well, not quite broken, but working differently how we would normally expect.

For example. The status update (like Twitter news feed idea), Photo or Check-in (like Foursquare idea).

When you add any of those to your Facebook update, it records the date and time you posted it, so you would expect it to appear on your Facebook feed when your friends post these, yes? No, is the answer.

Those three updates from you can appear at any time at the top of your feed. So rather than be in reverse chronological order, it displays it on your feed to try and encourage you to engage at different times.

Since I started writing this blog post I have also noticed on their website when I login, Facebook are actually asking for feedback on what we think of their news feed.

I believe Facebook have deliberately added this functionality to try and boost their viewing stats, in the same way LinkedIn used some dark UX code to boost their membership. LinkedIn’s actions has now resulted in a $13 Million lawsuit.

Don’t worry, i’m not turning into a Critic, i’m looking for feedback as to why Facebook are doing this.

Why do you think they are doing this?

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