EU Referendum – Judgement Day

brexit-eu-referendumFollowing yesterday’s blog about Why I’m Voting OUT, it was pleasing to see so many actually read the whole blog and appreciate the humour.

However, today I thought I would briefly write about my view of the EU referendum a day before the voting takes place here in UK.

Firstly, whatever your view is, whether it be REMAIN or OUT, please respect my opinion and observations. After all, I did say to ignore the polls before the last general election, where some told me I was talking bollox as I had no facts to back up my statements.

But do you know what? Some of us don’t need facts or figures, we trust our instincts. Sometimes we are right, sometimes we are wrong. That’s life. We are not all perfect.

I’ve not followed much of the ‘debates’ on TV or mainstream media, but I haven’t been unable to avoid it each time I login to Facebook. So I decided to watch one of the TV debates, to see what the ‘experts’ have to say. So a few weeks back I watched one of the debates on ITV, where there were 3 MP’s from each side of debate.

I only managed to watch the first 10 minutes as it quickly descended into a ‘let’s beat up Boris’ argument of what he had and hadn’t done as Lord mayor of London. I’m not a big fan of Boris, but what I greatly dislike is when someone is bullied and harassed, which is what the 3 MP’s for the remain camp were doing to Boris.

Boris bashing may be fun for some, but not for me. Hence why I switched it off as I had better things to do with my time than listen to rhetoric and arguments.

I believe it was at that point that the OUT campaign started to gain momentum.

Whether it has enough momentum to win the overall vote remains to be seen.

Verbally bashing your opponents and not coming up with your own factual points of why UK should remain is not that appealing to get people’s votes.

Whatever the vote is tomorrow, I can guarantee you one thing that I will be doing. Yes, you guessed it, I will go running!


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