Enjoy yourself

Enjoy yourself. Two simple words, but for so many of us it is difficult to attain.

Some things hold us back.

Some of us aren’t bothered.

I have a simple mission in life. To bring more joy to my life, which in turn will bring joy to other peoples lives. Maybe even yourself, who is reading this.

With joy, we enjoy life. I believe, one of the reasons i am so blessed with good health and looking so young, is because i enjoy life.

I enjoy the simple things. Good food, good people, beautiful journeys around he world.

Life is simple and you don’t have to live a soap opera yourself everyday. Watching one everyday on TV is bad enough!

How can i inspire you to have more joy in your life?

What inspires me is seeing what amazing things people do each day, week, month and year. Many we never get to hear of, but i want to mention a few people who have added to my inspiration in past few weeks and will talk more over the coming days blogs.

They are:

James Lawrence

Sean Conway

Sophie Radcliffe

Admit it now, have you heard of any of the above three apart than through my blog?

If you have, you are already on a joyful journey. If not, read more in coming blogs and from the links to their websites.

Till tomorrow, sing along to the song below….enjoy yourself!

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