Dreams are a waste of time

When i say dreams are a waste of time, i’m not saying having something to aim for is a waste of time, i am saying being in dreamland is not going to get you where you want to go.

Dreams alone are a waste of time. To realise a dream, I believe we need to start with a dream followed by a plan and then daily actions based on that plan to get you to achieve your dream.

As you will have seen from my previous 3 posts about Sophie, Sean and James, they are all extraordinary people. They all had a dream to achieve what they wanted to achieve. And they have done it. Many times.


One step at a time.

You have to take action and have a plan. Simple.

There are a myriad of self-help books, lifestyle people, psychologist etc etc who tell us that we need dreams and you can achieve anything you want to achieve.

What nonsense! I had a dream that I want to play international football for Italy, but that is NOT going to happen as i do not have the skills to compete with others who are more skilled and played for many years. No amount of training will get me to World Cup 2018 or 2022, apart from watching the games.

These Gurus may come back and say i could play for the over 50’s international team, but that’s not my dream.

Lets get real.

What i am saying is we need goals that not only stretch us, but we can also believe we can achieve.

After all, i remember a quote along the lines “whatever we can conceive and believe, we can achieve”

Whilst doing 50 iron mans in 50 days is simply amazing, i don’t know how many people would be inspired to try that themselves.

I want to do something that will stretch me, but i believe will inspire others to be more active.

That is my goal for #55Alive.

Am i being delusional?


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