Do what you can’t

So often in my life, as i’m sure in many of you reading this also, we are told what we can’t do.

So when i saw below VLOG by Casey Neistat, it really struck a chord with me and i wanted to share.

In recent months and past couple of years i have started many things which people have told me i can’t do, you don’t have the right experience, what do you know about this, blah blah blah.

Here are a few things i have done in past few months and years, with zero experience:

  1. Published my first Mobile App
  2. Started a regular blog here and also a running blog
  3. Started a VLOG on Youtube.
  4. Started running and qualified for World Marathon Majors with just 9 months marathon training.

What amazes me, is that the above 4 are supposed to be the realms for “young” people only. Who said it was just for young people?!?

For me, age is just a number. I may be soon approaching 56, but who’s counting? I most certainly am not.

I didn’t know i could write a book, but i have been writing since December last year and hope to finish in next few months. If it happens, great! If not, so what?

Life is for living, whatever age we are, so lets go live it!

Below is VLOG from Casey, hope you like.

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