David Beckham Dummygate Scandal

Don’t panic, I haven’t stated working for any tabloid newspaper, although i’m sure I could have a lot of fun at it!

Is there a day that goes by when Brand Beckham is not in any newspaper?

One of my Facebook friends posted on her timeline that people should stop having a go at Goldenballs about how he parents his children. Which is a very fair point.

This led me to think what is the latest news story to get the Beckhams in the paper? When I commented to my friend that this story is just another way to get Beckham Brand in the newspapers, she said he has no reason to be in the papers, of which my reply was that he has every reason to be in the newspapers regularly.

I’m not here to discuss if David Beckham is a good parent or not, but more around how some people maintain their profile through the use of PR. The latest story was around him giving his 4 year old daughter a soother/dummy and posting a picture on Instagram which created some comments that the Press latched onto.

Apparently the ‘expert’ who passed one of the comments was mis-quoted in the papers.

Brand Beckhams PR job, as i’m sure they will have a full time PR company, especially as Simon Fuller is their manager, is to get as many column inches, internet stories, mentions in Social Media as much as possible. Why? To ensure that they can keep charging the rates that they do for Brand endorsements and the like. No media exposure, no charge out rates. I’m not in the newspapers everyday, so how could I charge tens of thousands for a public engagement, after dinner speech, appearance at Wimbledon, etc etc.

That’s how the media circus works. No stories, no money. So their PR will look at every opportunity to exploit a story. Most of the celebrity stories these days come from who said what on Twitter or Instagram. And if its someone criticising a celebrity, their PR will exploit that as their client is seen as a victim and people don’t like it when someone is having a go at their idol. Which is what my Facebook friend initial comment was that attracted me to follow up with her comment.

Every mention has a specific PR value and that value is what will justify employing the PR company. In fact, we may not be surprised that very same PR company would use Brand Beckham as examples of why we should use their company for our PR needs.

Let’s not forget, it wasn’t that long ago that David Beckham was in the papers almost every month with the same story. That story was about each new tattoo he had. Not newsworthy anymore? Depends if there is a quiet day in the papers. Or there could always be that next ‘hater’ story of why his kids are still eating rusks, or if he was wearing wrong socks. See how much fun we could have with new tabloid headlines?

So there you have it, a simple formula. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

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