Childhood obesity #55Alive can make a difference

Childhood obesity appears to be a growing trend during our current times.

Last Monday there was a Health Committee evidence session into childhood obesity, which included the Chief Executive of Public Health England and Jamie Oliver.

You can read about this and also watch a recorded video of the session here.

I think it’s great that they are doing this, but i look back at when i was young, admittedly a long time ago, we used to eat all sorts of sugary items. We had all sorts of varied food in our lunch box also. There was no regulations. There was no obesity issue then. What is the difference between the youth of now and then? My opinion is that more children today are less active than many years ago.

Why have tax on sugar?

Tesco banned Ribena from their stores, as apparently it has lots of sugar, and yet still sell chocolate as you are waiting in the queue in the till. Hypocritical don’t you think, if they say they are being responsible?

I believe if we are all more active we could have a positive impact on reducing obesity, not just in children, but adults also.

People should take individual responsibilty for their own decisions.

Sometimes it may not be easy, but if i can lose weight and keep it off, so can anyone else.

That’s why #55Alive can make a difference. Just 55 minutes of light exercise a day, everyday is doable. But if you have not exercised in a long time, consult you Doctor before you start.

Let’s get active!

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