Child Obesity and @jamieoliver Crusade!

On Sunday, I blogged about Child Obesity issue and Jamie Oliver’s presentation to a Commons select committee.

I think what Jamie is doing is great and he continued his quest yesterday on Canadian Breakfast TV in Toronto.

Just in case you are wondering, no I’m not stalking Jamie, but my message alongside his for solving childhood obesity issue is making waves. One of my Canadian friends sent me the link, so I thought I would share it with you.

My message last Sunday and for many years, is we just need to be more active and so help children to be more active to reduce the obesity issue. It’s not just about diet and reducing fat, sugar or whatever danger food topic of the day we have. In UK today, it’s bacon and sausages making the headlines in the tabloid press. We’re all doomed!

Whilst I may not be a celebrity chef, or any form of celebrity, my message to be more active is basic common sense.

Help me spread this message of common sense to more people and lets get active!

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