Spreading some festive cheer

For those of you who have been religiously following my blog, not just on Sundays or Bank Holidays, will know that 2016 has been my first full year of running.

I started my marathon training back in January this year for my first ever marathon which was Brighton Marathon in April and my second marathon was Frankfurt Marathon at end of October, where i achieved a qualifying time for London 2018 and I’ve been told should also qualify me for Boston Marathon 2018.

For someone who has never really ran and was utterly hopeless at sports at school, i feel it is an amazing achievement and one that can be achieved by most people, if they want to.

To help celebrate such an amazing year of running, i put together this Christmas running song below with the help of my bro and nephew. All the items listed are what i actually use for my races and training.

I hope you enjoy and share amongst your friends and i look forward to another amazing running year in 2017!


Why I’m voting OUT

Just seeing the title of this blog has probably got the blood boiling of a number of people. Especially those who are IN.

Before anyone casts judgement on this blog post, it may be worth considering the whole story of why I am voting OUT. Although it’s not just this week, but every week, I would vote OUT.

I regard myself as apolitical and can often see both sides of the story, but for the past 12 months I have seen a dramatic change in my health.

12 months ago, my rest heart rate was 67bpm, now it’s 52bpm.

How could such a dramatic change in health happen?


Today marks almost the exact first anniversary I decided to take action and get OUT.

To celebrate that anniversary, I went for my first ever Parkrun last Saturday and you can see the VLOG below. It was such fun and resulted in an amazing official time of 19:58. How could an old man like me who only started running 12 months ago, run so fast?


I decided to get OUT and run. I don’t run everyday, but when I do go out for my runs, I very much enjoy them.

So my manifesto to you all, is get OUT and enjoy the great OUTdoors.

It’s a marvellous place and could have serious positive impacts on your health!

Hope you enjoy my VLOG below. Please subscribe and share amongst all you know.