Detours in life

For those of you who have been following my running journey so far, will know that i suffered an injury whilst running the Reading Half Marathon. Whilst at the time, i thought it was just another twinge, when i went for a run the following Tuesday, i had so much pain after the first few steps i had to step off the Treadmill immediately.

After having had numerous visits to the physio, i am still recovering from what was a back injury. But i stubbornly persisted and tried to keep running within a certain pain threshold.

I ran Brighton Marathon in agony for the whole 26.2 miles, but i was committed to finish, whatever the time. Even during the filming of the race i was determined not to show the pain or talk it, i was keeping happy thoughts in my head and even making up my own songs to keep me going. I felt like stopping so many times, but something kept me going and going and going!

After all the training i had done up to the injury at Reading Half Marathon, it was heart breaking to not be able to run at my full potential. I really wanted to better my time at Frankfurt Marathon from back in October last year, but it was not to be.

I had to take a detour.

The running had to be put on hold, whilst my body healed from the injury.

With this detour, like often happens in life, we can deal with it in a number of ways. We can get frustrated and angry, or we can be patient and learn from our mistakes.

For me, i have learnt more in past few weeks about my body and how to listen to my body, diet, recovery and more. I have immersed myself in ways that i can improve and ensure that i do not repeat the same mistakes and how i can become a better athlete.

And above all, it has also taught me patience.

My next Marathon race is not until 5th November at New York City, so i should have adequate time to train back up to the fitness and speed i had before Reading Half Marathon and hope to improve again.

In addition to learning patience, i have also put the extra spare time to good use and keeping in the spirit to doing something i can’t, i decided to start a weekly VLOG about my weekly progress, running, eating and whatever i decide on the day of recording!

I’ve called it WEGU, which is for Weekly Exclusive Guru Update and below is the second instalment and would love if you Like the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

So as you can see, i may of taken a detour with the running and will hope to be soon back on course!


Do what you can’t

So often in my life, as i’m sure in many of you reading this also, we are told what we can’t do.

So when i saw below VLOG by Casey Neistat, it really struck a chord with me and i wanted to share.

In recent months and past couple of years i have started many things which people have told me i can’t do, you don’t have the right experience, what do you know about this, blah blah blah.

Here are a few things i have done in past few months and years, with zero experience:

  1. Published my first Mobile App
  2. Started a regular blog here and also a running blog
  3. Started a VLOG on Youtube.
  4. Started running and qualified for World Marathon Majors with just 9 months marathon training.

What amazes me, is that the above 4 are supposed to be the realms for “young” people only. Who said it was just for young people?!?

For me, age is just a number. I may be soon approaching 56, but who’s counting? I most certainly am not.

I didn’t know i could write a book, but i have been writing since December last year and hope to finish in next few months. If it happens, great! If not, so what?

Life is for living, whatever age we are, so lets go live it!

Below is VLOG from Casey, hope you like.