Clean Eating – The Dirty Secrets

Having had my running Instagram account for almost 18 months, at this time of year i do see a lot of people jumping onto the latest fads and crazes for health and fitness.

I like to call it Faduary. The month of fads.

So many have had the new year resolutions, of which so many have now gone. They feel like failures and will wait for the next years resolutions to start over again.

Some will persist and have great success.

What’s the difference? In my opinion, attitude and determination to succeed.

One of the fads that has been sweeping Social Media for a while now, is Clean Eating. There was a documentary on BBC2 this week, called Clean eating – the Dirty secrets. The quote for the program was:

If you’ve ever longed to see a dollop of strong science ladled over food fads, this is for you. Cambridge biologist Dr Giles Yeo looks at the idea – spread via cookbooks and social media – that we can eat ourselves well; that if we give up gluten or dairy or processed foods (or all the above) we can purify ourselves, avoid disease and run a spiffing Instagram account.

Well, being curious, i had to watch the program, which is a rarity for me as i watch so little TV.

Having seen the program, there is very much a dark side, as with many fads that some people want to exploit.

According to the show, i am clearly a “Dirty” eater. I eat all the wrong foods. maybe that would explain that up to now, my Instagram account has not taken off as much as other runners like me? The presenter of the show was running an Instagram account for the show about clean eating and when he posted a picture of a meat sandwich he lost about 20% of his followers!

My weekly food intake is mainly Porridge, Pizza and Pasta. With the odd Chinese takeaway, Macdonalds and Subway.

Does that make me a bad boy? Well according to the advocates of clean eating, i must be a VERY bad boy!

When it comes to eating, i believe if you have a good balanced diet, eat moderately and more importantly, enjoy what we eat, that is all we need to do.

If you also want to read more about the show, there is a review here in The Telegraph.

Speaking of fads. Anyone remember step aerobics classes from the 80’s? Well, the latest fad is called Barre. This is one used for Ballet classes and getting lots of social media exposure now in that it can help build your core and is apparently excellent for marathon training.

Anyone reading this tried a Barre class for marathon training?

Would love to hear from anyone on your views about Clean eating, Barre or any other innovation that can help us all.

America Express #epicfail

Before I embark on giving you some facts about a terribly bad customer experience I recently endured, if you are a regular reader of this Blog, you will know I only write about positive stuff to uplift us and make us smile.

So why am I writing this now? Well, hopefully the company in question and other organisations might take note and realise who the actual customer is and treat us as such without the bullshit lines of “our customers are I highest priorities”, or something else along those lines, which are often read from a script.

I have been a happy customer with American Express for a number of years and never really had any issues, until last week.

It started with two emails stating their had been some attempted fraudulent purchases on my card. I ignored them as it wanted me to click a link, which could of been a phishing email attack.

The following day was time for me to make my monthly payment, so I login into my account and there is a message on screen asking me to call security, which I did.

First call lasted just over 10 minutes until the call appeared to randomly disconnect. Having spent so long to get through the security questions, I got somewhat annoyed and hoped they would call me back. Good customer service and all that, yes? No call back.

I also tweeted their help account, with no replies. After a number of tweets to them they finally reply saying they don’t deal with personal requests!

Couple of hours later I call them again. This time the call lasted over 25 minutes in where I was told that I would be sent a replacement card, which I objected to as it meant my current card was now void. Why should I be sent a replacement card? After all, we live in a high tech world that they would know my spending patterns and can spot a fraudulent purchase easily as they did before? No amount of me giving my point of view counted for anything.

I was told I would be sent a card to arrive on Monday morning, so I had no card since Friday morning till then, which included the Mothering Sunday weekend, so all spend was on my non-preferred card.

Still no card has arrived by Monday or Tuesday.

By Wednesday morning I’m now ringing the existing customer service number to be told that the card would take 3 to 4 working days to arrive and that the Fraud team were unaware of the time it would take for the card to be sent to an alternative address. Why aren’t these guys trained to tell customers this?

Maybe when I get home, the card would of finally arrived and that I may not of forgotten how to use my American Express card?

To me, this whole catalogue of errors was through no fault of my own, but me, the customer, has to fit in with their awful procedure. It definitely needs changing in my opinion and it would seem they put themselves first and customer last.

In fairness to the last call I had on Wednesday morning with a Customer Service representative, he did ask if there is any way they could help to rectify this matter. I did say, its up to you.

I think a fully expensed trip to Tuscany for me and the two kids would do nicely!

Maybe even some support for my first ever Marathon , which will be in Brighton and they are the main sponsor!

What do you think?