Care to join me?

Following on from yesterdays post, would you like to join me on the Great Birmingham Run?

You can join me in many ways:

1. Cheer me on anywhere along the course

2. Run with me (you need to be trained and ready to go!)

3. Sponsor me

4. All of the above!

If you do want to run along with me and have not run before, i would suggest you visit your GP to check its ok to start running and then you can set up your own training schedule using the Great Run training website here.

I started running on Sunday 21st June this year.

It was only for 15 minutes and it felt painful for me. But slowly and surely i have been increasing the training and the initial pains i was getting are now gone.

Some morning i get up looking forward to my morning run, other morning i feel like, well, not so good but i do it anyway as i want to finish the distance.

So if you want to join me in anyway, let me know, as i would love it!

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