Bullshit Marketing

Bullshit marketing, whats it all about?

Today a colleague of mine told me about an amazing phone that has come out called the OnePlus2.

So amazing, that you can only buy it by invite only. Thats right. Invite only from someone you know who has already bought the phone, because your friend who has bought thinks its so amazing that you may want one also.

All very clever marketing don’t you think?

Companies and organisations are all trying new ways to try and market and get their products and services noticed.

This idea by One Plus is not new. But more about who they have copied later.

This idea is simple. They try and make a product exclusive by one of two ways. Price or rarity. One Plus have opted for the rarity and that only people who have bought and loved it, can then invite their friends to buy one also.

Its quite simply creating a tribe.

A hardcore tribe that is not stoppable….until, the product becomes mainstream. The hope then is that the tribe is strong enough to fight the corner of a product they have bought AND recommended.

As i mentioned earlier, this technique is not new. Google have tried it a number of times and i recall two of them.

Google Buzz and Google Wave.

There was such hype and hysteria that people were tweeting asking for invites, to get in with the new hip Google products. Sadly they both became massive flops once they become mainstream.

Moral of the story? Who cares, i’m not a professional marketeer full of bullshit.

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