Be Italian

Be Italian. Title of song from Nine the musical and was also adapted into a movie.

Great movie, but then it is about Italians. In particular a movie director called Guido.

Whilst i may not be born and bred Italian, both of my parents are Italian. For me i feel Italian. Whenever i hear the Italian national anthem, it makes the hair on back of my neck stand up. It makes me feel good.

I am British born and bred, so i also feel very British. When i visit my family in Italy, they say i am British. I feel both cultures.

I feel blessed to have both cultures running through my blood. Whilst sometimes conflicting, i am very fortunate.

Creative, inventive and excellent communicator. Oh, and i love my food!

There are times where i can Be British. There are times when i can Be Italian.

Watching the below video, i’m sure you can join me and Be Italian.

Enjoy Fergie singing Be Italian from the movie version of Nine.

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