And so it begins

I have often heard that a journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step.

After seeing John Hibbs post about the the Great Birmingham Run, i thought about taking part.

I’m still undecided, but John said to try doing short runs and slowly build up.

He should know, as he has run the London marathon.

I’m quite apprehensive as i don’t do any running and for someone of my age, should i not be putting my feet up? But when i decide to take part, it will be for a great cause and an opportunity to run around the great city of Birmingham.

So today at approx 6.30pm i went for a brief run, which was to my local park, around the park once and back.

Below are pictures of me starting and the app recording the time and distance.

marathon man



running times

I didn’t feel comfortable at all and was sweating quite a lot when i finished. Not a good start, but as we all know, its now how you start, its the way you finish.

Will try this a few weeks/months and see how i progress.

Wish me luck!


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