An Amazing woman!

The other week i was talking about an amazing man.

Today i want to talk about an amazing woman, Juanita.

I first met Juanita a while before i was due to go on my epic trek on the Inca trail in Peru, for the British Heart foundation.

Always has a smile and is always happy to help.

So much so, that she turned up with her niece Maria one evening in Birmingham and we went fundraising for my trek dressed as doctors and nurses. Oh what fun!

Juanita has been tirelessly raising money for many years for Cancer charities since losing her father to cancer.  Her father was a keen cyclist, so Juanita and her sister get on their bikes and have literally cycled 1,000’s of miles all over the world.

I was so impressed with her charity fundraising and astonishing stamina, i included her in a BBC radio show i produced after my trek, all about ordinary people like you and me, doing extraordinary things for charity.

Also, in recognition for her amazing fund raising, she was selected as one of the London Olympics torch bearers.

Thank you being so amazing.

Thank you Juanita!

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