An amazing man!

I’m sure i’m not the only person who has met, or worked with some remarkable people?

As you may of read in one of my previous posts, i was fortunate enough to have met Lisa Lynch through Bostin. One amazing woman!

Throughout the many years that Bostin has been around, i have met some truly remarkable people, who i’m sure i will be writing about more of them over the coming months and years, if i can stay motivated with this blog.

Another one of those amazing people is John Hibbs.

Since his sister was diagnosed with Lupus, he has been tirelessly raising awareness about Lupus.

So much so, he has created the Hibbs Lupus Trust.

A truly remarkable man of which i can’t shout loud enough from the roof tops.

I personally don’t think mainstream media do enough to spread positive news, so maybe this blog and many other blogs, can help spread some positivity and joy about what many everyday people are doing great things everyday!

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