A true Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur, a word that is often used and abused for positive and negative reasons depending on what someones story may be.

About a week ago i bloggged about What makes an Entrepreneur, which prompted an interesting reply from Karen Strunks, so this is in a form a reply to her and you are welcome to read on also!

For me, Entrepreneur is and always will be, positive.

Without true Entrepreneurs, how would we evolve as humans?

I have heard Entrepreneurs called mavericks, stupid, crazy, bonkers, unreliable.

Here are a list of attributes that i believe makes an Entrepreneur and i have done it in the theme of a famous 70’s advert for pepsi which i have attached a YouTube Video for your enjoyment.

An Entrepreneur is: Risk taking, ground breaking, mind making, tea drinking, fund raising, trail blazing, profit making, ever failing, constant changing totally bonkers thought provoking human being.

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