60 years of boom bang a bang

If, like myself, you guessed what the topic of this blog would be based on just reading the title, then congratulations! And jubilations! I want the world to know i’m happy as can be.

You have heard of the Eurovision Song Contest. Maybe even a fan?

I have been watching this contest for many years and am a big fan. And this year is its 60th anniversary.

I started from a very young age as my parents watched every year and every year they would complain, because Italy hardly ever won it!

I call it a contest as opposed to song contest, because over the years as more countries have been allowed to enter, its more about who your allies are, as opposed to how good the song is.

Tuesday night saw the first semi-final and the political voting had started almost immediately, with some very good songs not getting through and others oh so trashy getting through based on which country they are.

Dr Eurovision on Tuesday nights semi-final, said the voting is not rigged, the people vote for it….er, no Paul. People vote politically not for the song!

There were a number of years where it became such blatant political voting, that Eurovision brought back a panel of music experts for each country to try and vote for the song, which is used alongside the voting from the public in each country.

This year, once again, it will look like UK entry will be somewhere near the bottom and looks like it could be between Sweden, Serbia or Russia.

For the 60th anniversary they have made a special invite for Australia to join in, so will be interesting to see how the voting for them will go. No doubt high, to make them feel welcome.

Being a big fan of Eurovision, a number of people i know i big fans also. No doubt my sister will be giving a running commentary of Facebook along with her scorecard.

I also received a good analysis from my friend Rob Lawrence, who has this to say:

Sweden aren’t anti-Russian but will be the poster child for those countries which are.

I am probably reading too much into it but having watched a lot of Eurovision i have come up with the following theory, especially over the last few years.

To save face none of the big western nations put in a good entry. They know they can’t win due to the eastern block so they put in complete rubbish. That way none of the other western nations will vote for them. This leaves the west to vote for either Ireland or Scandanavia.

This year with Denmark and Finland gone Sweden looks like the smart choice for the vote. As the east don’t hate them either they will pick up the odd vote from the eastern block. The eastern block will vote Russia as they done a serious entry this year when they don’t they always go for another oil rich eastern nation. This is why I think it will be Sweden first, then Russia.

In fact if you look back over the last 10 years 4 have been won by scandavia, 3 by the eastern block, 2 by countries that are middles ground (austria and greece). Only Germany bucks the trend and that is because they made an effort for the 20th anniversary of unification.

I’m sure between me, Rob and my sister we could give Dr Eurovision and any media pundit a run for their money!

Whatever the outcome of Saturdays final, don’t take it too seriously and just enjoy it for what it is. An entertainment show.

I will be cheering for Italy, as expected, but more so this year as one of the composers and writer of the song is an Esposito!

I know that i will enjoy it and hope you do too!

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