So, this is the big idea. #55Alive is to inspire others to be more active.

Active in both mind and body.

I want to challenge myself to inspire others and do something that is doable and to simply raise awareness to be more active.

Sounds simple?

I think we all know that being more physically active helps with our overall wellbeing, but did you know that having a more active mind helps reduce risks of Alzheimer and Dementia also?

I need your help.

In addition to hopefully completing a series of organised challenges over the next 5 years to raise awareness and vital funds for a number of charities, i want to do scenting different. Completely different.

Here is an outline of what i want to do.

5km walk, 50km cycle ride, for 55 consecutive days in 55 different locations. In addition to this new kind of triathlon, walk, cycle, drive i would also like to blog the experience on a daily basis, technology permitting deepening on my location.

What do you think?

Can you help? Get in touch!


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