How to live longer, without the need to exercise!

Want to live longer? New year, new you. As you may of read from my previous posts, you will know about how I feel about starting new things on 1st January, so I won’t repeat myself.

One of the things that is being mass marketed right now is how to lose weight, how to become fitter, healthier, blah, blah.

Well, I have some news for you. You can take on all these amazing diets and exercise regimes to try and improve your lifespan, but there is a revolutionary way you can live longer and a more happier and fulfilled life without the need of any of this and involves zero trips to the gym.


Revolutionary, eh?

Well, not quite revolutionary, as you will read here.

So you don’t have to believe me, many experts have researched this and is proven to be true.

And there is more research proof here on the psychological effects of watching negative news.

I am living proof having not watched the news or read newspapers for many years, it has freed a lot of time to do more interesting things and also I have less stress and anxiety in my life and am much clearer in my thinking.

I may have to look in this a lot more.

Try it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised why you hadn’t started sooner!


I feel amazing!

I feel amazing!

Yes, thats right, amazing.

It’s Sunday evening, last day of holidays since 23rd December and i go back to work tomorrow. I guess some people may not have just that feeling right now?

Let me tell you why i feel amazing.

Firstly, i am not thinking about going back to work, till i get up tomorrow morning and arrive back in the office.

Secondly, as part of my Brighton Marathon training, i had my long run today and managed over 16km in a little under an hour and a half. What made it even more amazing, was that there were many hills, which included one long 4km climb over the Lickey Hills to the finish.

Below is a snapshot from my Garmin 620 route map and stats.

Garmin 620 training 3rd January, 2016

Garmin 620 training 3rd January, 2016