101 things to do #55Alive

Following on from a initial post of listing things we could do to be more active, both physically or mentally, here is a starter for 101*:

  1. Play Bingo
  2. Read a book
  3. Take a dog for a walk
  4. Got no dog? Just go for a walk
  5. Do Kung Fu
  6. Go dancing in the kitchen
  7. Cycle to work
  8. Get off bus 2 stops before you normally do, walk the rest of distance
  9. Play chess
  10. Complete a Sudoku puzzle
  11. Complete a crossword
  12. Play draughts
  13. Swimming
  14. Ballroom dancing
  15. Salsa dancing
  16. Zumba class
  17. Take up Yoga
  18. Medidate
  19. Run for 5 minutes before breakfast
  20. Go camping for weekend
  21. Play Badminton
  22. Play Bridge card game
  23. Play football
  24. Play Rugby
  25. Play Baseball
  26. Play Basketball
  27. Go Skateboarding
  28. Phone a friend
  29. Play tiddlywinks
  30. Mountain bike ride
  31. Go hiking in countryside
  32. Play a board game with family/friends
  33. Read a book
  34. Write a book
  35. Write a poem
  36. Read a poem
  37. Give someone you love a hug
  38. Go and watch a positive movie
  39. Play Dominoes
  40. Go Skydiving
  41. Rock climbing
  42. Read a story to a child
  43. Play hopscotch with friends
  44. Latin American dancing
  45. Play hangman
  46. Play noughts and crosses
  47. Cook a meal
  48. Design a logo
  49. Colour in a black and white picture
  50. Sing along to a song you like
  51. Do a Parkrun
  52. Train to run a 5Km run
  53. Go handgliding
  54. Try a parachute jump for charity
  55. Snog your partner
  56. Make tea with tea leaves not tea bag
  57. Milk a cow
  58. Try Go Karting
  59. Cycle to the shops
  60. Rollerblading
  61. Surf ( in the sea, not internet)
  62. Play guitar
  63. Blog each day
  64. Play drums
  65. Learn to juggle
  66. Play blow football
  67. Play volleyball
  68. Write a column for local newspaper
  69. Organise a cake sale for charity
  70. Play scrabble
  71. Skype with a friend you not seen in years
  72. Write a letter to you someone you love
  73. Visit a farm with your family
  74. Boil an egg and eat it
  75. Have a cold shower
  76. Join a book club
  77. Join a choir
  78. Be grateful everyday
  79. Wear a smile everyday
  80. Go Kayaking
  81. Go Abseiling
  82. Ride an elephant in Thailand
  83. Climb Machu Picchu
  84. Play Football
  85. Play Cricket
  86. Play Golf
  87. Play mind puzzle game
  88. Learn origami
  89. Go bowling
  90. Swim in sea before breakfast
  91. Go fishing
  92. Go rowing
  93. Go sailing
  94. Walk your neighbours dog
  95. Goto a Ceroc dance class
  96. Enter a Great Run event
  97. Organise a barbecue
  98. Go orienteering
  99. Walk to top Snowdon
  100. Hire a rowing boat in Stratford Upon Avon
  101. Do some gardening every week

I think you now get the message?

Just do something. As the quote goes “in 20 years time you will be more disappointed about the things you didn’t do, than the things you did do”

If this list inspires you to do something, please do let me know by commenting here or on Facebook page. Thank you.

*Before embarking on some of the above, be sure to consult your Doctor.

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